Victoria Musci, after graduating from the animation school La Poudrière (Valence), felt the need to treat a subject that directly affects her original country while remaining universal: organized crime in Italy, mafia.To do so, she decided to treat a true story : the life of Ignacio Cutro, a Sicilian mason who became a target of the mafia. For years his farm was under attack and his family threatened, but he never bowed. Through his struggle, the perpetrators have been imprisoned and juged. He even initiated a law enacted in 2016 stipulating that victims would have access to employment in administration. He and his family still live in Sicily today.It's this story that Victoria Musci wishes to make known to a wide audience. To convey this act of courage and create a global awareness through this message of hope, while lifting the veil on the erroneous image of the mafia that people have around the world.She chose animation (real footages & 2D shots) to lead the viewer inside this hardness of the real. Animation that can provide softness and empathy to understand this hardness without being hurt. In Sicilian landscapes and scenery, in real shots, Ignacio and his family will evolve, themselves in 2D. The duality of these techniques will make possible to show the challenges of integration between man and his environment, while presenting to the spectator the land for which this family is fighting.The project, initiated and developed by Les Contes Modernes, will be a co-production with ShowLab (Italy).
Structure porteuse: 
Les contes modernes
Europe Créative
Financement obtenu: 
60 000 €