United and plural: making Europe together

"You are never too small to make a difference" said Greta Thunberg, who became a voice for the young generation, and she added "Together and united, we are unstoppable". Pere Fouettard is a small publishing house which makes books for little ones, but about big things. And Europe is exactly that: a big thing. A common good created by plural and united individuals is for us. Its choice of books represents different aspects of this idea.

The subjects of the selected books are: the value of community, democracy and cooperation, personal and collective responsibility, gender equality, ecology. Pere Fouettard designed a promotion and distribution strategy focused on the goals of developing a European audience including underprivileged readers such as children from immigrant families with difficulties in understanding the language and culture of the country of residence.

As a tool to reach this goal, Pere Fouettard chose the picture book because it’s a medium whose message is shaped at the junction of images and words. This is why it’s a perfect tool of transcultural and transgenerational integration for those who have any language and communication difficulties. To reach these target groups Pere Fouettard will create promotional videos about each of the books and all of them together with subtitles, as well as a workbook on the issues discussed in books and in the project.

Another important goal of the project is to initiate a discussion on the specification of the translation of picture books and their message. Pere Fouettard will organize meetings between translators, authors and illustrators. The important part of the project is the distribution strategy. Which includes distribution in France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and all French-speaking countries around the world which will help to achieve the mobility of published European works in the European Union and beyond.

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