Watch Next Media (Slate Funding)

Based on its first European and international experiences and successes, Watch Next Media is now developing a new international slate composed of five ambitious animated series, which seek to not only be entertaining but also touching, inspiring and educational in various proportions. "Monster 500", "Hello Kitty", "Audrey's Shelter", "Wild Kat" and "Welcome to Aqua Tiki" are these 5 new projects that mark the threshold of a new era for Watch Next Media. On the one hand, "Hello Kitty" and "Audrey's Shelter" will be Watch Next's first series targeted at the upper preschool audience, with a wonderful combination of tenderness and adventure."Hello Kitty" will be the first European-made TV adaptation of the iconic Japanese character. The series will be set in a unique fresh world, offering limitless possibilities for adventures. Each story will have a strong emotional core, but the galaxy of quirky characters surrounding Kitty will add a strong comedy factor to the show. "Audrey's Shelter" is set in an animal shelter for endangered species. It will be a collection of touching stories about a little girl's unconditional affection for wild animals, who in turn help her grow up.On the other hand, the slate features engaging stories of friendship and self-discovery. With "Wild Kat", we will follow Kat and her friends on their exciting missions, as they protect Paloma City’s citizens from rogue Werelings who use their powers against humans. With "Monster 500", we'll join a group of kid monsters who spend their summer racing each other in amazing electric go-karts. Finally, with "Welcome to Aqua Tiki", we'll spend time with an inseparable and quirky duo, immersed in the craziest tropical water park in the world.Five different shows exploring different genres, stories and animation styles that we look forward to sharing with you.
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Watch Next Media
Europe Créative
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200 000 €