agoodmovietowatch: promoting European film on popular VOD platforms


- The Project: promoting European film on popular VOD platformsIn the past, the promotion of European works has been confined to European VOD providers such as MUBI. These platforms serve a limited audience compared to Netflix and Amazon, which together hold 78% market share of European subscriptions , and 84% in the U.S. Their worldwide market share is equivalent to 205 million users.Therefore, a strategy to promote European films available on Netflix and Amazon Prime will be more effective in reaching wider audiences in Europe and abroad.This project aims at creating the first portal promoting European films on the two most popular streaming platforms in the world, Netflix and Amazon Prime.This portal will be part of, a leading film suggestion website that champions off-kilter world cinema, especially European (over 50% of films suggested), to a larger audience.With the help of the European Union, agoodmovietowatch can strengthen its European value (axis 1), attract more audiences (axis 2), and become an integral part of European VOD distribution (axis 3). - The activities: a European portal and a European cornerThere are three axes of activities.Axis 1, to add 144 European films to the platform, ensuring that at least 60% of the films have a European production credit. This is an average of 12 new films every month, or three every week. Axis 1 will culminate in the creation of a “European corner” of European films on popular streaming services.Axis 2, to run an extensive but targeted social media advertising campaign aimed at bringing attention to excellent European films on Netflix and Amazon Prime, the new European corner, and agoodmovietowatch as the entry-point for discovering European films. This campaign will run primarily through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.Axis 3, to reach out to European distribution companies to build a strategic and participative promotion partnership

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