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The European culture media ARTE wishes to continue its multilingual online offerings ARTE in English, ARTE en español, ARTE po polsku and ARTE in italiano, available throughout Europe, for a 6th phase. The objectives of this phase will be to consolidate and diversify the offerings programming, to further develop their European audience as well as to go beyond and enlarge the on-going experimentations. Throughout 2021 the rich catalogue of cultural and factual contents, operas and concerts will be renewed with 400 subtitled hours per language and diversified through a complementary selection of new formats and genres (fiction, animation, etc.) as well as stronger synergies with other European projects of ARTE (cinema, current affairs). In order to reach a wide European audience, the offering in 6 languages will be largely available throughout Europe. To optimise impact, the distribution will be adapted to the various devices and channels and a diversified and targeted marketing and communication strategy will be implemented. Accessibility for people with sensory impairments will also be a strong focus of development. The expansion of multilingual innovations will also be key during phase 6 in order to draw conclusions for the ARTE Europe project itself as well as to make recommendations to share with the sector. Tests on the automation of several subtitling process steps will be pursued and new linguistic versions, combining voice-over narration and subtitling, will be produced and experimented within different environments in order to assess their potential. ARTE will address underlying economic, legal and technical challenges also taking into account the context of unprecedented health crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the crisis impact on the audience behaviour as well as on the industry. As during previous phases ARTE will draw lessons from a rich multiyear experience which will be regularly disseminated with the sector through workshops and publications.

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Association relative à la télévision européenne
Europe Créative
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