Autobahn is coordinated by global VoD aggregator Under The Milky Way. UMW works with most VoD platforms and distributes content from more than 500 rights-holders. Autobahn is presented amidst a context of rapid and profound mutation of the film industry. We are witnessing radical changes in consumer habits; notably from audiences shying away from television and theatres to digital platforms. Moreover, these platforms are predominantely American; thus shifting the control of exhibition in Europe away from European-controlled interests, both public and private. We believe that the European Film industry must live up to this challenge by offering an adapted reponse both in terms of film creation and their distribution. Indeed, its future competitivy and relevance depends on its capacity to harness emerging creative forces before they are reapt by the GAFAN directly. Autobahn is an ambitious project with far-reaching long-term objectives, while also being concrete and currently operational. The project relies on UMW’s capacity to identify “digital-native” talents whose films are produced outside of traditionnal circuits. UMW then ensures that these films reach the most prominent platforms in the world, supported by adapted marketing campaigns to effectively address audiences. In short, Autobahn: 1/builds an offer of 6 digital-native European films, 2/creates and implements adapted marketing strategies, 3/coordinates direct-to-digital VoD distribution around the world. The stakes are high as it requires a shift of paradigm relying on integrated Production/Distribution circuits, thus revamping economic cycles, which gain in reliability, transparency and efficiency. Autobahn is the result of more than 10 years of experience (more than 5,000 films distributed) and answers pressing demands from European talents. Current times are in need of innovative models, and we are evermore convinced that digital-native talents must fully be supported as they are our industry’future.
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