In a world where evolution is key, our industry needs efficient online tools to embrace the upcoming challenges. Cinando has positioned itself as the premier network for A/V professionals, offering a wide range of online services for the industry which we provide for a very reasonable price - when not for free.Our large number of functionalities include an invaluable database of films, people and companies, all year long partnerships with key festivals and markets, a highly secured streaming service with unequalled playout fluidity, a unique repository for subtitles linked with quality check, referencing and blockchain-based authentication, several apps for smartphones and tablets, as well as connection with third parties online services. One of our most recently implemented tools, Match&Meet, not only allows users to connect with each other on the basis of specific objectives, but also to set-up one-to-one online video meetings. Cinando is becoming a hub creating bridges between all the actors of the A/V industry - from festivals to buyers, exhibitors to sales agents, producers to film schools. As our community consolidates and grows larger, we dedicate ourselves to fitting current and forthcoming needs - with special focus on new trends and activities such as VoD acquisitions, rights management and digital events - establishing Cinando as a “service of public interest”.As a result, our team is invited to participate in workshops and think tanks, our services appeal to more and more and while preparing an intensive rebuilt of our front-end for 2022 we continue to assign a large part of our resources in connecting our services with third parties - the best example being the use of Cinando facilities within the platform to be launched in June 2020, which will allow Cannes delegates to benefit from dedicated tools intended to recreate the market experience with virtual booths, screening rooms, match-making, video meetings.
Structure porteuse: 
Société de gestion d'opérations commerciales pour le festival international du film
Europe Créative
Financement obtenu: 
150 000 €
150 000 €
Ile de France