Consumer Retargeting

One of the great battles for the success of VOD platforms is to succeed in capturing consumers accustomed to unauthorized free offers. The consumers are very used to the illegal websites that offer these works.The initiatives that have been carried out so far for the promotion of these platforms have focused on improving the visibility of legal offers and their referencing, but little on bringing consumers and platforms together.Our project, whose effectiveness and feasibility have already proven themselves in France, aims precisely to create greater proximity between this large population of potential consumers and legal platforms. Our action is based on two technical areas: websites and an application.The websites that we will develop will have the particularity of being able to replace pirate websites, thus placing themselves on the path of a typology of potential consumers accustomed to consumption on unauthorized sites.Our sites and application will integrate innovative functionalities to provide consumers with new experiences in accessing audiovisual works.
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Binge Media
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