Embrace the fans ( EZF)


"Embrace the fans" (EZF) is designed to transform peer-to-peer (P2P) streaming from pirate territory to a business model fitted to a competitive distribution of European cinema, ensuring cultural diversity and independence from Silicon Valley. With reasonable resources we can monetize hundreds of million of P2P users for mainstream and independent European cinema.EZF will prove what independent studies claim: a majority of P2P streamers are willing to pay. Currently content is trapped between or inside OTT’s: IP silos owned by big tech like Netflix or Amazon. Still, European film producers can remain independent by allowing fans to pay for immediate access to our content wherever they choose to stream.EZF enables direct payment to rights holders via dApps (decentralized Apps) connected to a registry of film rights (public goods) secured on a blockchain delivering microtransactions at scalable cost. Once a film is ready for distribution, content, ID and chain of title are integrated with a waterfall so connected dApps execute payments correctly. With rights owners permission, dApps easily connect to films offering innovation in finance, production and distribution. RFR as a public good shifts power from big tech as masters of the film ecosystem to technology becoming a service provider for the film industry.In a few months the world has changed decades. New business models will emerge more quickly. The low cost P2P distribution and its billions of users perfectly serve the European film industry when systemized as public goods and commercial enterprise: protect IP for European rights holders; enable anyone to offer services for films via dApps; allow fans to consume from anywhere. Rather than copy the decade old content silos business model, “Embrace the Fans” advances the digital distribution model by a decade today, as a more efficient and leaner operation that effectively supports European cultural diversity with accelerated access and payment for our films.

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