Eurodoc est un prorgramme de formation spécialement conçu pour les producteurs de film documentaire, porteurs d’un projet à ambition internationale, désirant approfondir leur connaissance et élargir leur réseau.

EURODOC training is a 3 one-week residential sessions, spread over one year, addressed to European Documentary Producers, and more largely to film professionals involved in the support of Documentary Film Productions.Throughout the 3 sessions, all of the basic fundamentals of production are covered: from the analysis of the artistic quality of the project, to reflecting on the relationship between the director and the producer; from the negotiations for rights clearance to the financing of the development stage; from the transmission of different production methods and budgeting to the identification of potential partners on an international level; from the drafting of different coproduction agreements to the making of trailers and the pitching preparation; from the overview on the management of a production company, to the promotion and distribution (traditional and alternative) of the film once it is finished; from an insight on the documentary film market landscape to individual meetings with some of the main figures of the documentary world (commissioning editors, programmers, distributors, curators, producers).

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Europe Créative
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256 492 €
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