European Art Cinema Day


The European Art Cinema Day, organised by the CICAE and its national association members, is the the first common international initiative undertaken by exhibitors and open to all cinema operators, exhibitors, distributors, sales agents and right holders across the world ready to try innovative actions to reach new audiences, enhance the cinema experience and to promote European films.The European Art Cinema Day showcases on a European as on a international level the cultural diversity of European productions as well as the everyday commitment of the cinemas to championing demanding and original programming for all audiences. It is also the occasion for the participant cinemas to create an event in their theatres and take advantage of the initiative to promote their membership of the arthouse movement by making original choices in terms of the films and activities they are offering. Previews, Guests, Debates with audiences, Children and Young Programmes, Exhibitions, Culinary Specialties and other creative and innovative ideas are organized.Through a common activity the European Art Cinema Day allows professionals to explore innovative strategies and implement them on the practical field. Up to date the initiative brings near thousand exhibitors and other professionals from different countries across the world. Every participating cinema exhibitor and/or distributor can choose from a large variety of ideas or suggest new ones and directly try out. It is also a chance for small and medium sized cinemas to jointly act and enhance the international visibility for the European works and the work the independent cinemas do to make them circulate.

Structure porteuse: 
Confédération internationale des cinémas d'art et d'essai
Europe Créative
Financement obtenu: 
60 000 €
84 000 €