European Film Factory

The European Film Factory is an innovative and pragmatic answer to support film education in Europe. Led by the Institut français - an active player in European film literacy thanks to the EU-funded project CINED - it brings together a consortium of European partners at the forefront of digital innovation in schools: ARTE Education and European Schoolnet (EUN). Through the European Film Factory pupils and teachers across Europe will have access to a catalogue of 10 European films on an interactive online platform combining the existing IFcinema and Educ’ARTE services. The platform and all its content including the films will be available in German, French, English, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Romanian and Greek, covering thus 8 of the 10 most spoken languages in the European Union. Interactive tools will be available on the platform, giving pupils aged between 11 and 18 the opportunity to take an active part in film education, i.e. developing skills to analyze and understand the film content, cinematographic and technical aspects. The action will further address nowadays usages of the younger generation as the European Film Factory will be accessible via desktop and mobile devices. Teachers will be provided with hands-on pedagogical material enabling them to feel confident when working with the film catalogue in their classrooms. The catalogue of films will be diverse in terms of production years, genres, nationalities, topics and gender, representing thus a fine share of Europe’s best arthouse films. The films will be available with high-quality subtitles in all member states of the Creative Europe program and will reflect European identity in its diversity. In order to reach as many schools as possible, a top-down and bottom-up dissemination strategy will be implemented, by reaching out directly to European ministries of education and by involving teachers actively in the dissemination process.
Structure porteuse: 
Institut Français
Europe Créative
Financement obtenu: 
1 000 000 €