Launched in France in 2015, LaCinetek is the very first VoD platform dedicated to the movies of the 20th century. Its catalogue is composed by films selected by directors from all over the world, listing every month their favorite 50 films, produced before 2005. After four years focused on creating its brand and reinforcing its reputation, LaCinetek continues to grow and pursues a strategy based on three main axes: 1) the development of a larger audience in France, especially young audiences, through specific targeted actions 2) the consolidation of the audience in Germany, Austria, Luxemburg and French-speaking Belgium, relying on the models that have proved successful in France 3) join forces with major European film heritage institutions for a broader international distribution of classic films.All of this through marketing and promotional actions of a catalogue strongly editorialized, counting more than 55% of European films. This project will focus on the development and the reinforcement of a common marketing strategy on all the territories, driven by the French team and adapted abroad thanks to our local partners. Targeted promotional campaigns will accompany this project, relying on long-term partnerships with the biggest national medias, cinematheques and festivals, along with the enhancing of new distribution tools (mobile apps, tablets and smart TV) and a greater attention to the accessibility (subtitles for deaf and hard of hearing, audio description). All this under the aegis of an association, La Cinémathèque des Réalisateurs, which ambition is unchanged: that the greatest films of the 20th century can continue crossing frontiers and ages thanks to a referral digital label dedicated exclusively to heritage cinema in Europe, supported by film directors all over the world.
Structure porteuse: 
La Cinémathèque des réalisateurs
Europe Créative
Financement obtenu: 
225 000 €
480 000 €
448 200 €