Léna rêve d'étoile saison 2 (ex Paris Opéra) / Find Me In Paris


At the end of season one, Henri and Lena failed to take the portal back to 1905, and now they’re both stuck in 2018. Season Two is all about dilemmas. Lena faces her destiny, she tries to pin down where she really belongs: in 1905 or 2018? With Henri or Max? Becoming an étoile one day or choosing a hip-hop career? Her friends face difficult choices as well. Max’s career as a dancer is compromised after a severe injury, and Ines delves into her love for science, maybe at the expense of her passion for dance. Thea has to choose between a life under the spotlight in 1905 and a promising yet further down the line career in 2018. Jeff gets to know Isaac, the new kid at the Paris Opéra Ballet School. As for Henri, he struggles to find a place in Lena’s world. The Time Collectors too will face impossible decisions: when Clive is in jeopardy, Frank and Pinky must choose between loyalty to their friend and their feelings for certain ballerinas… Drama, comedy, and suspense give rhythm to the POBS students' preparation for the European Ballet Grand-Prix; and new tensions rise within the BLOK…

Structure porteuse: 
Cottonwood Media
Europe Créative
Financement obtenu: 
500.000 €
Production audiovisuelle