Polkatulk was started with the demands of the Culture economy in mind. With full tech ownership of its developments, investing in innovative technology, we disrupt internet content distribution & enable rights exploitation with an ethical management tool for the AV market. The complexity of staggered right holders with territorial and time discrepancies hinder distribution and cross-border circulation, driving competing rights. Common technological frameworks lack for multiple platforms to manage copyright issues, increase competitiveness & further the dissemination of European content by easing the acquisition and reporting. The project will create a blockchain-based SaaS management of copyright in cooperation with stakeholders, creating a service for any streaming content to track and allocate copyright in relation with online distribution. European content concerned range from VOD or documentaries to feature, across several European countries incl. The Netherlands, Poland, Spain, France, Germany, Czech Republic. Targeted audiences go from the specific cultural public to mass-market entertainment with additional interest from music publishing and distribution entities. Our project enables clear allocation driven by streams to allow for the adoption of a revenue sharing based business model. Based on our service currently in production with, it focuses on the study and deployment of an interoperable technologically transparent architecture. Functions include a no specific skills user interface, role management modules and API for external services, to define a real time management suite for diverse outlets, with viewing, aggregating, exporting, using multiple sourced data. Promoting the dissemination of the service to smaller parties to retain auditability and data management by dispensing with the deployment of dedicated infrastructures, a consortium DLT will be available for larger players, to clarify the distribution of copyrighted material.

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