Promotion & Distribution Platform for Cultural Virtual Reality

Lucid Realities aims to create the first VOD platform dedicated to narrative and artistic virtual reality experiences targetting professionals from the cultural field: art centers, museums, heritage places, galeries and other cultural institutions. This project's goal is to organize the location-based distribution of these experiences in the face of a rising demand from audiences and institutions alike. European studios are at the forefront of original creations in VR, yet their productions suffer from a lack of exposure. Concurrently, cultural institutions are looking to renew their programming with fresh, dynamic digital content. The coronavirus crisis highlights how important these tools have become for cultural locations. They turn visits into remarkable immersive experiences and deepen the bond between locations and audiences. Unlike many technological evolutions such as the CDRom or Blu-Ray, VR is a medium in and of itself, embraced by many artists, which is here to stay. All over Europe, production studios are pushing the boundaries to create increasingly ambitious content in virtual reality. These studios are supported by public institutions such as the CNC or the German Federal Film Fund and new european cooperations are seeing the light of day. Lucid Realities is at the center of this brave new world and has proved its ability to create innovative business models. As it stands, we believe we are the most qualified to bring this ambitious project to fruition.

Structure porteuse: 
Lucid Realities
Europe Créative
Financement obtenu: 
195 000 €
Ile de France