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AGORA, since 2007, is the venue of well-known national and international events in Szombathely, Hungary. One of them is the Savaria International Dance Festival, the most outstanding dance competition of Hungary, is being organised since 1966. AGORA provides quality programs for the groups of children or for the seniors.on a wide scale, like concert, theater, movie, handcrafts, camps or even the presentation of the national holidays.

The main goal of the company - the cultural center of the town and the region - is maintaning, implementing such national and international projects, establishing such cooperational possibilities, getting new partners, who can support the daily tasks with high standards. AGORA gained experiences by several projects, from the national ones to the cross-border projects, in which the company co-worked with partners from Slovenia, Austria, Czech-Republic and Slovakia.

At the start of 2022, a new segment has shown up in the company’s daily routine, as the local TV has joint to AGORA. We are ready to take part in such projects, where the topic of media or culture or the combination of the two are the origo.

Please contact us for further details or any question!

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Partners can be reached by car (in the distance of ca. 400 km)


Eszter Stieber

AGORA Savaria Nonprofit Ltd.
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