Fundacja Spotkanie i Tworzenie (Meeting and Creation Foundation)

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Fundacja Spotkanie i Tworzenie’ (eng. The Meeting and Creation Foundation) was established in 2017 as a result of over 20 years of activity of the founders in the culture and art sector. Their main goal are activities in the field of culture and cultural education, contributing to activation and increasing of social participation through activities based on a creative model of cooperation between various social groups.

The Foundation's task is to create tolerant attitudes based on mutual understanding and respect, to engage and integrate social groups within artistic cooperation, as well as to support cultural creators by creating space for artistic activities and international cultural exchanges. They also foster new strategies for the developement audience and local communities by encouraging them to cooperate and act in the cultural and subcultural areas we support. The foundation works with creators from the music, visual arts and architecture fields, creating a place for dialogue between them and promotes these activities. They also run amateur and professional music and art groups such as ’The Witches' Choir’.

They are the managing unit of 2 important cultural centers in Poznań (KontenerART and Ogród Szeląg), which are visited by over 200,000 people annually. These spaces are available to everyone, regardless of their social and material status and are fully adapted to be used by people with disabilities. In addition to the main theme of artistic activities and cultural education, their activity also focuses on the revitalization and archiculture of riverside areas in Poznań and the promotion of modular, light and natural development for culture. They already have experience in implementing large projects, including those supported by the European Union. In 2014, together with the previous Vox Artis foundation and their partners from Slovakia and Germany, they implemented the project 'Activator of culture for space, space for culture' - a 2-year cycle of artistic activities.


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Fundacja Spotkanie i Tworzenie (Meeting and Creation Foundation)
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