Municipality of Amorgos Island


Municipality of Amorgos Island. The island was chosen as part of the setting of Luc Besson’s film in the 1980s, The Big Blue (

As a local authority, we have a wide range of competences. This form is especially filled in because we would like to join international and European projects and partnerships, already prepared for this call but also future ones. The culture and tourist unit is very active in organising events, especially during the summer months. However, we look forward to bringing foreign cultural and creative organisations and their activities (cultural, creative, educational, capacity building, professional seminars etc.) all year round, so as to engage our island and its people in cultural activities with an extrovert perspective.




Partenaire(s) recherché(s)

Project partner in projects dealing with gastronomy, cultural tourism, performing arts, tangible and intangible cultural heritage, visual arts, literature, architecture, arts and technology.

Gastronomy: recording and documentation of traditional cooking and pastry recipes, with an emphasis on raw materials produced locally in biodiversity conditions and with a zero energy footprint and exchange of good practices and know-how, via online and onsite workshops.

Embroidery and weaving: documentation of the traditional techniques, highlighting their use in the past through the recording of oral testimonies of the last and oldest practitioners, but also exploring their role in modern life through contemporary products based on them and taking into consideration their possible contribution to the empowerment of women in a remote island area.

Traditional customs all year through and their role in re-constituting the community of depopulated remote island areas/ documenting the history through oral testimonies of the last and oldest practitioners, gathering audiovisual material, exploring their role in the present.

Windmills: exchange of knowledge and good practices,  through on site and online workshops, for the restoration and use of traditional windmills, within the context of sustainable development, highlighting their use in the past and exploring their role in the present from an architectural, folk and sustainable point of view.

Environment: building bridges to other remote island communities in Europe, exploring and exchanging good practices for resource management and the development of a mild touristic model, which takes into consideration the long term sustainable development of the wider area.





Municipality of Amorgos Island
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