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Around 1 in 3 Europeans have lost someone in the past years in harsh Covid circumstances. Funerals with limited access, goodbyes through a webcam… Research has shown that culture, art, togetherness and recognition are primordial factors for a healthy mourning process. So why are we not putting them into practice more often? Over the last years, a warm wave of consolation concerts has spread across Flanders. In more than 150 cities, local singer-songwriters, fanfares, music academies, poets, storytellers… bring tribute to the ones we lost around sunset on November 1st . The organisation behind the movement is called Reveil and is very enthousiastic about spreading the movement around Europe. “97% of the cities where we start up have continued organising consolation concerts ever since. The need for new ways to deal with grief, loss is immense. Reveil provides handles to build warm communities where we make room for grief”, says Reveil founder Pieter Deknudt The organization is looking for partners with: - a network in music - preferably some experience in the Crea-Cult-Coop-2 subsidy line - a passion to bring positive change to our society - an interest in the mixed field of arts and consolation


We are applying for a European CREA-CULT-COOP-2 grant to be able to give a 33% FTE remuneration for a national ambassador who can start up the consolation concert movement in their country. Of course with a lot of help from us. We already made an international website You can find the two-pager here :

Partenaire(s) recherché(s)

Any European country e.g. Network Centre, music festival organisers, Cultural Centre, University, Cultural/Audiovisual Company, Expertise Centre

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