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Uvarova Gallery : private for profit organisation

Creation artworks and teaching everyone of abstract art oil on canvas To treat souls thought art creation. To bring more calmness, love and peace


Creation beautiful artworks oil on canvas. Because beauty and positive thinking is so important now in war conditions. My art always was about calmness, love and God. I think that these things became so important now, because we have to support each other, give positive emotions and love from heart to heart. Creation – is the great healer, I think.

When I moved on in Lithuania from Ukraine in March 2022 because of the war in Ukraine I started to create here the new paintings and one day I deeply felt that creation treated me a lot. Really. I created every day, and it helped me a lot to be balanced. After 2 month I organized the studio here and started to teach people here in Vilnius city because I need to earn some money for life. Now I’m developing teaching direction here, mostly local students attend my art classes. I do private sessions and group of 2-3 people sessions, organizing big group art classes (team building parties, birthday parties etc).

Art treats a lot. Paintings that we are creating with the students here in Vilnius city improve their mood, decorate their homes and bring brightness and good mood to their souls. So, my goal is to create a lot of paintings and to bring to this world more positive and bright pieces. I don’t need any skills from my students, I just need internal desire to create. I prefer minimalistic style and deep colour, so I teach my students to create in this direction. Usually, students look at my style and ask to teach them the same direction. And I do this with a big love and passion.

So, as I wrote before its very interesting for me to develop this direction. I want to bring to the world more beauty, peace, and love through my art. So, I would like to cooperate with the organization or to get a grant to collect more people to attend my art classes. I work in Vilnius city, but I can have some short session or attend some events everywhere in the world.

My intagram page: @uvarova.gallery

There are many info about art classes in saved stories

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Lithuania (refugee from Ukraine)

Preferred field of expertise : Business, Events


Larissa Uvarova

Luvarova5@gmail.com, +37062509258

Uvarova Gallery – Larissa Uvarova abstract artist
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