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In the past decade Pécs has carried out a cultural investment of a scope it had never seen before. As a result, a network of municipal institutes around the city has been created under the name of Zsolnay Heritage Management Non-profit Ltd

Zsolnay Cultural Quarter 

Producing ceramics made Zsolnay family known not only in Hungary, but all over the world; they established their ceramics and porcelain manufacture in Pécs in 1853. The heritage of their ceramic factory used to operate here has been revived and lives on with a new content here, in the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter. 

The Quarter hosts several unique exhibitions presenting the Zsolnay heritage. In the open-view manufacture, visitors can follow the process of ceramics production live, at the same time they can learn about traditional products of Pécs, such as the famous Pécs gloves. The Zsolnay Cultural Quarter was the largest investment for the Pécs 2010 European Capital of Culture project, which consisted in the creation of a cultural district over a large part of the Zsolnay porcelain factory in Pécs (Southern Transdanubia). The Cultural Quarter is divided in 4 areas: Artistic Quarter; Creative Quarter; Children and Family Quarter; University Quarter. 


World Heritage, Pécs 

The dozens of underground tombs of the 4th-century Early Christian Burial Structures which are part of the World Heritage rested beneath the surface for more than 1500 years. In the Cella Septichora Visitor Centre, visitors can wander amongst various shape tombs and burial structures. Some of them are painted, their interior is decorated with painted biblical scenes and early Christian symbols, which adds to the uniqueness and universal cultural value of the memorial. 


Medieval University 

It presents Hungary's first university founded in 1367. The past seems to become palpable by means of modern multimedia devices and 3D reconstructions hardly matched anywhere in Europe. In the excavated building of the former university, visitors can learn how life was for the first "university students" of the country; the exhibition also presents the medieval and Ottoman-age history of Pécs. 


Kodály Centre 

It is not surprizing that the Kodály Concert and Conference Centre was called "Architectural Stradivarius" by violinist Maxim Vengerov after the opening concert, and since then the building has earned international recognition. In the concert hall boasting excellent acoustics, music fans can enjoy outstanding classical, jazz, and pop music programs. Kodály Centre, due to its unique architectural solutions, has been awarded several Hungarian and foreign Prizes. 


The House of Art and Literature 

The House of Art and Literature has started operation in 1987. The activity of the House cover almost all branches of art, the House of art and Literature is the home of the professional art of region and city of Pécs. The institute ensures the place of introduction by art groups and it has own programs. It aims to convey lasting values and high artistic quality to presents programmes from classical arts to contemporary arts. 




1. Cultural heritage and archeological sites in the city in cooperation with experts in the field of creative industry (architecture, design, museums, historians) 

2. curators and artistic projects 

3. performing arts, visual arts and technology 

4. cultural events and festivals organization and management 

5. presentation of classical arts and contemporary art programmes 

6. museum education programs 



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All participating countries 

Cultural heritage, new technologies, innovation, local development, development of creative industry, cultural events and festivals organization and management, presentation of classical arts and contemporary art, museum education programs. 

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