COPROCITY is an online financing market for feature films and TV projects (fictions, documentaries, animations, series) dedicated exclusively to audiovisual professionals (BtoB) and to projects with already a producer attached. In partnership with existing Coproduction Markets, Coprocity will help the participants to organise their after-meeting experience and follow up. Project holders will be able to update information about their project and send additional information to selected participants. Participants can follow the evolution of a project, show their interest and request additional information to the project holder, such as the script, the detailed budget or the financing plan. First designed on being a tool to follow « real » meetings in existing markets, Coprocity can also be a « virtual market place » and link project holders to producers, sales agents, distributors… who did not attend a market, in order to give a larger and better targeted audience to their project. Ultimately, Coprocity will be a match-making tool between project holders and potential professionals by selecting project that match each parties needs and goals and also a promotional tool for Coproduction Markets and public bodies / private investors to promote their events or their funds and their call for projects on the platform.At the end of the film project, Coprocity becomes a place where what will soon become a film is handled and managed by the sales agents. They’ll get the latest information on pre-production, shooting, post production, etc. in real time, allowing them to promote correctly their films to potential distributors.Developed by the team who founded and organizes Les Arcs Film Festival and who also launched the software Festicine (online tool to organize festivals and markets), Coprocity aims to become the platform gathering the best projects of the independent European cinema and the main Coproduction Events in Europe and further on in the rest of the world.
Structure porteuse: 
Sas le Village
Europe Créative
Financement obtenu: 
100 000 €
100 000 €
Ile de France