Les Enfants de Michelle

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-Health for Women and Children: Support, care -Support for schooling and child protection: Schooling support, mobile library, plans to create a library room, birth registration and cultural activities with children -Protection of Natural Resources: Awareness and education on environmental protection, conservation and management of biodiversity and ecosystem -Sustainable development for women: Capacity building, support and support for the development strategy -Fight against poverty: Integration training and AGR support


Mobile library. Bring children's books, toys, tools for manual work and coloring materials every afternoon every day to the neighborhood. Creating an indoor reading group per neighborhood is to get them to read more and discuss the books they read every Wednesday afternoon and Saturday morning at the Alliance Française library in the city of Tuléar. Every Saturday afternoon, gather the children in a fixed location per neighborhood to run the library on the tarpaulin under shade, all in a place compatible with their number. There will be 600 children, 300 per district. There will be 50 children per neighborhood, one child per family, who will be members of the Alliance Française Tuléar library. Every Saturday, we will target disabled children in each family and the others are out-of-school and in-school children. Disabled children are particularly to be taken home by each family to avoid violence, mistreatment and ignorance towards them by their family. -Alliance française de Tuléar -ATD Quart Monde à Tuléar

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Prevention of violence, abuse and neglect towards children. Conservation and management of biodiversity and ecosystems of mangrove


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