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"Signes de sens" aims to improve society's accessibility for individuals with sensory, psychological, cognitive, or mental disabilities. The organization works on developing innovative solutions to enhance access to information, communication, and learning in collaboration with various stakeholders. Ultimately, it promotes diversity and inclusion and seeks to improve services for everyone. "Signes de sens" supports and encourages cultural institutions such as museums, theatres, libraries, and independent artists in their efforts to enhance the accessibility of cultural spaces, services, and communication. Additionally, it initiates programs to establish a common culture that is accessible to all.


Signes de Sens is looking to partner with organizations to develop and experiment with innovative approaches to facilitate the transition towards an inclusive culture. This collaboration aims to work with artists with various disabilities to co-create instruments that can help them easily share their artistic work results with spectators and valorise its results. With 20 years of expertise in accessibility and artistic inclusion, and strong partnerships with different institutions in France, we have developed a deep understanding of these issues. We are now seeking a new partnership in Europe to continue our activities. We propose to establish an international laboratory to : - collaboratively develop innovative approaches for cultural inclusion and accessibility. - conduct interdisciplinary experiments. - disseminate practical outcomes through training, workshops, and artistic expressions.

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Small projects in partnership with institutions willing to work with inclusion and accessibility for persons with disabilities


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Signes de sens
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